Last Chance Laptop Vote (Was Xerox, GUI, 80vs68, Idiots, etc, etc.)

Last Chance Laptop Vote (Was Xerox, GUI, 80vs68, Idiots, etc, etc.)

Post by Jordan B Polla » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 16:50:00

The multi-newsgroup discussion about yet another window lawsuit which
degenerated into a computer.religion flamefest is yet more reason I
want to stop wading through 100's of irrelevant messages a day.

Free mass acknowledgements to anyone who votes, either way, on the creation
of comp.sys.laptops. Mail (by 1/5/90) to either of:

Oh, yeah, and I heard that Apple introduced a MacTop with a animation
speed TFT display, and Atari had something pretty small too.  The
alleged newsgroup shall NOT discriminate on the basis of processor,
screen size, operating system or interface.

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1. Honest, fair Atari vendor (etc., etc., etc.)

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->He's a brain-damaged spamming moron...

   We don't need that kind of talk around these parts. <ahem>
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