ANALOG magazine index, well, a start...

ANALOG magazine index, well, a start...

Post by Kevin Cha » Wed, 28 Jul 1993 08:20:49

Atari Gaming Enthusiasts,

I recently filled in most of the gaps in my ANALOG magazine collection,
and as a result, I am in the position of offering an index of all those
great issues.  Here is the first part, which includes only games.
But then again, all I want to know about are the games.  Now I need
only to track down as many of these great games as I can.  I will probably
produce some more indices over time, especially if given some encouragement.

Any glaring (or even minor) errors please point out to me in an email
message or a followup post.

Iss pg Lang Type Program
01  15 BAS       Blocked, by David Bohlke
01  26 BAS       Motorcycle Maze Rider, by Charles Bachand
01  39 BAS       Sub, by Lee Pappas
02  21 BAS       Cannon Duel, by David Bohlke
03  23 BAS       Towers of Hanoi, by Ricky Knopman
03  32 BAS       Target Shoot, by Steve Smith
04  16 BAS       Darts, by Ricky Knopman
04  40 BAS       Comp III, by David Bohlke
06  14 M/L       Maniac!, by Rick Messner
07  26 BAS       Dino Battle, by Arthur Cestaro
07  63 BAS       Triple Threat Dice, by Michael Ivins
08  07 M/L       Maniac! in 32K, by Stephen Vance
08  31 BAS       Stuntman, by Steven Pogatch
08  67 BAS       Color Slot Machine, by Michael Ivins
09  25 BAS       Safryland, by Peter Naleszkiewicz
09  80 M/L       Harvey Wallbanger, by Charlie Bachand
10  44 BAS       An Adventure Game, by Michael Duboy
10  79 BAS       The Halls of the Leprechaun King, by Ted Atkinson
10 100 M/L  Arc  Fill 'Er Up!, by Tom Hudson
10 110 BAS       Word Square, by Sol Guber
11  90 BAS  Adv  Adventure in the 5th Dimension, by Brian Moriarty
12 104 BAS  Arc  Atari's Multicolor Character Set, by Dave Plotkin
12 110 M/L  Arc  Livewire, by Tom Hudson
13  43 M/L  Arc  Livewire Paddle Default, by Tom Hudson
13  76 M/L  Arc  Roundup, by Richard Loken
13 119 BAS       Space Assault, by Mike Walters
14  70 M/L  Sim  Retrofire, by Tom Hudson
14  94 BAS       Lumberjack, by Ertl/Euker
15  74 BAS       Knights and Chalices, by Bruce Willard
15 110 M/L  Arc  Bricklayer's Nightmare, by Gordon Robson
16  87 M/L  Arc  Shooting Stars, by Dennis Fox
17  83 M/L  Arc  Planetary Defense, by Charles Bachand/Tom Hudson
18  44 M/L  Adv  Crash Dive!, by Brian Moriarty
18  84 BAS       Munch'Im Climb'In, by Mark Comeau
19  35 M/L  Arc  Battle in the B-Ring, by Lew Thomits
19  84 BAS       Siege, by Glen Raffel
20  29 BAS       Buzz-Zap!, by David Karp
20  35 M/L  Arc  Bacterion, by Kyle Peacock/Tom Hudson
21  35 M/L  Arc  Avalanche, by Tommy Bennett
21  75 BAS       Spy Plane, by Mark Comeau
22  34 BAS  Puz  Micro Puzzler, by Larry G. Hearin
22  39 BAS  Arc  Air Attack, by Scott Sheck
22  63 M/L  Arc  Money Hungry, by Donald Murphy
23  24 BAS       Climber, by John Hanke
23  39 M/L  Arc  Firebug, by Kyle Peackock & Tom Hudson
24  33 BAS  Arc  Bopotron!, by Kyle Peacock
24  63 BAS       Bopotron Construction Set, by Kyle Peacock
24  72 M/L  Arc  Race in Space, by Charles Bachand
25  34 BAS       Reckless Racer, by David Plotkin
25  40 BAS       Androton, by David Bohlke
25  73 BAS       Miner Jack, by Randy Schulze
26  27 M/L  Arc  Popcorn, by K. and M. Sloatman
26  81 BAS       Robot Raid, by Charles Kormos
27  73 BAS  Adv  Adventure at Vandenberg A.F.B., by Tom Hudson
28  42 Act  Arc  Demon Birds, by Dan Bullok
28  73 M/L  Arc  Two Gun, by Conrad Tatge
28  80 BAS       Cascade, by Neil Simms
29  38 BAS       Dragonlord, by Clayton Walnum
30  35 BAS  Arc  Basic Burger, by David H. Butler
30  56 M/L       Boulder Bombers, by Mark Price
31  25 Act       R.O.T.O., by Mike Stortz
31  41 BAS       Lunar Patrol, by Sol Guber
32  35 Act  Puz  Color the Shapes, by Sol Guber
32  41 M/L       Cosmic Defender, by Phill Roey
32  70 BAS  Boa  SuperReversion, by Phillip Burgess
33  39 M/L       Syntron, by Jon Snyder
34  73 M/L  Arc  Elevator Repairman, by Fred Caprilli
35  23 BAS  Puz  Hide and Seek, by Greg Peck
35  67 M/L  Arc  Bonk, by James Hague
36  33 Act       Sneak Attack, by David Plotkin
36  39 M/L       Maze War, by Mark Price
36  71 BAS       Rafferty Run, by Chuck Rosco
36  78 BAS  Adv  Night Shade, by Clayton Walnum
37  35 M/L       Speedski, by Bill Richardson
38  59 Act       Air Hockey, by Chris Page
38  40 M/L       Incoming!, by Conrad Tatge
39  18 M/L       Super Pong, by Gary S. Domrow
40  44 M/L       The Clash of Kings, by Bryan Schappel and Barry Kolbe
41  25 BAS       Treasures of Barboz, by Chris Smith
41 101 M/L  Adv  One for the Road, by Clayton Walnum
42  89 BAS       Atarzee, by Clayton Walnum
43  35 M/L       Electroids, by James Hague
44 117 M/L       Blast! by S. Grimm
45  27 Act       Roll 'Em, by Brian Strand
45  95 M/L       Troll War, by Scott Langston
46 100 BAS       Launch Code, by David Schwener
46  39 BAS       Moonlord, by Clayton Walnum
47  22 M/L       Deathzone, by Steven Hiller
48 119 BAS       Modem Chess, by Gary Heitz
48  96 M/L       Cosmic Glob, by  Rich B. Enns
49 119 BAS       Fortune Wheel, by Robert A. Beatty
50     M/L       Krazy Katepillars, by David Huff
51     BAS       Starlanes, by Darin L. Delegal
51     M/L       Slither, by Stevn E. Pearson
52     Act       Midas Maze, by Ken Miller
52     BAS       The Devil's Doorway, by David Schwener
52     M/L       Rambugs II, by Matthew J. Ratcliff
53     M/L       Floyd the Droid Goes Blastin', by Paul Lay
54     M/L       Rocks!, by Douglas Engel
55     BAS       Dragonlord Dungeon Editor, by Clayton Walnum
55     M/L       Life in the Fast Lane, by James Hague
56     BAS       Roto-wrench, by John Hanley
57     BAS       NFL Game Analyzer, by Gerry Genson
57     M/L       Troll War II, part one, by Scott Langston
58     BAS       Castaway, by Rick Graves
58     BAS       The Wizard, part 1, by Clayton Walnum
58     M/L       Troll War II, part two, by Scott Langston
59     Act       Upward, by Greg Knauss
59     BAS       The Wizard, part 2, by Clayton Walnum
59     M/L       Labyrinths, by Steven Lashower
60     Act       Cloudhopper, by Greg Knauss
61     BAS       MicroDungeon, by Jerry Olejarz
62     M/L       Cryptogram Solver, by Kevin Peck
63     BAS       Crisis Center, by Joe McManus
63     BAS       Train Crazy, by Colin Faller
64     BAS       Kason's Tower, by Jim Rogers
64     M/L       SnowPlow, by Barry Kolbe & Bryan Schappel
65     BAS       Fairway Challenge, by John T. Pape
65     BAS       Slave Cellars of Golgoloth, by Clayton Walnum
65     M/L       SnowPlow editor, by Barry Kolbe & Bryan Schappel
66     BAS       Slave II:Nimral's Grace, by Clayton Walnum
67     M/L       DungeonLords, by Brian Bradley
68     BAS       Inferno, by Frank Martone
68     M/L       Stellar Arena, by John Ortiz
69     Act       Trial by Fire, by Greg Knauss
69     M/L       Star Rider, by Paul Lay
70     BAS       Pebbles, by Clive King
70     BAS       Electra-Ball, by Frank Martone
71     M/L       Krazy Mazes by Barry Kolbe
72     M/L       Crazy Clown Jumper, by Brad Timmins
73     BAS       Marble Magic, by Earl Hill
73     M/L  Adv  Secret Agent: Mission 1, by Barry Kolbe
74     M/L       Mazerunner, by Matt Fruin
75     BAS       Nuclear Mountain, by Brad Timmins
75     M/L       Capital! by Brian Schappel & Barry Kolbe
76     Act       Sharp Shooter, by Matthew Ratcliff
76     M/L       Skeet Shoot, by Tracy Jacobs
77     BAS       Double Six, by Pierre Roberge
77     BAS       Skull Island, by John Patuto
77     BAS       TX Cruncher, by Frank Martone
78     BAS       Memory Match, by Joe Brzuszek
79     BAS       Skyrisers, by Frank Martone

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ANALOG magazine index, well, a start...

Post by Kit Kime » Thu, 29 Jul 1993 02:53:06


> I recently filled in most of the gaps in my ANALOG magazine collection,
> and as a result, I am in the position of offering an index of all those
> great issues.  Here is the first part, which includes only games.

Ah, the memories.  I played most of these games at one time or the other.
I still have a lot of them  on disks, but I don't have an Atari computer
out right now that I could use to go through my lists.  I have a lot of
disks that I got with the magazines (particularly ANTIC) or from a guy
that had a subscription service.  He used to type in all the programs
from Antic, Analog and Compute and sell the disk on a subscription basis.
A LOT more work than I was interested in doing.

If you have to type in the programs, pick the best ones.  You can't go
wrong with Tom Hudson's programs (I still remember LiveWire like it was
yesterday) or Dave Plotkin.

You will probably recognize some names that have or still do show up
right here in c.s.a.8bit such as:

Quote:> 30  56 M/L       Boulder Bombers, by Mark Price
> 35  67 M/L  Arc  Bonk, by James Hague
> 52     M/L       Rambugs II, by Matthew J. Ratcliff

Others that I recognized but don't think there were ever on the net.

Quote:> ! Game of the week
> ! Gateway to Apshai

Good choice.  I have the trilogy, but never finished it.

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ANALOG magazine index, well, a start...

Post by James Hag » Wed, 28 Jul 1993 22:21:26

Quote:Kevin Chase writes:

>I recently filled in most of the gaps in my ANALOG magazine collection,
>and as a result, I am in the position of offering an index of all those
>great issues.  Here is the first part, which includes only games.
>But then again, all I want to know about are the games.

What about ANALOG's vaporware games?  For a while they were running
pictures beneath the advertisers index with the caption "Coming Soon
in ANALOG Computing."  I remember a fancy ICBM game played on a map
of the United States, HChess by Tom Hudson, and Tachyon by Brian
Moriarity.  This last one looked like a clone of the coin-op Quantum.
As far as I know, none of these games were ever published.

James Hague


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