PSU Users

PSU Users

Post by KRR.. » Wed, 13 Feb 1991 06:37:55

     Can anyone out there give me a list of who at PSU has an AtariST?  I can n
ot seem to find anyone.

                                Mark W.


1. Old Atari User / New IBM-ATARI user

Please excuse the following barrage of stupid questions, but if you could
please take the time to answer them (or refer me to a place where they may
be answered), I would be greatly appreciaitve.

I have been scanning this base for awhile now, and have managed to take a
look at a few of the programs discussed. Following is a bunch of (perhaps)
seemingly stupid questions.

1) Xlit and Xf252 (and xf3.5) are the major EMULATORS. They can run
  .ATR and .XFD files. My question is, what can run APE .PRO files?

2) APE and XSIO are programs used to send infomration between the two
   computers. APE has the ability to act as a disk drive(s) while your Atari
   is running. I think I understand this. Correct me if I am wrong, or
   expand if I am uninformed. Would one use both of these programs, or would
   you be more likely to pick and choose?

3) Let's say I have an Atari and I download files from an FTP and transfer
   them over using APE, XSIO, a modem or what have you. Which ones can
   be actually run using your atari? (.DCM? .PRO? .ATR? .XFD?)

4) Lastly. Many things are contained inside a .ARC file. If I recall ARC
   is just an archiving program? Am I correct?

Very sorry about these questions. I have had an Atari 130XE and an IBM...
never did I think you could hook them together. I am interested in doing
just this, and also in getting software for my Atari from the FTP sites, and
be able to run it (hence questions 3 and 4). Thank you very much....

Again, if you could take the time to answer these I would appreciate it.


David Bennett

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