GNU fileutils 1.4

GNU fileutils 1.4

Post by Edgar Roed » Fri, 14 Sep 1990 03:18:57

The new versions of the GNU fileutils (version 1.4) is now available for
anonymous ftp at [] in directory pub/atari/tools.
The (trivial) patches for the ST source are in file fileutils-1.4-diffs. The
binaries can be found in pub/atari/bin. For differences to the old version
see also the announcement by David J. MacKenzie on gnu.announce.
The atari version differs in the following aspects:
        - mkfifo is not supported (it says so when it is compiled)
        - if you ask ln to make a hardlink it really copies the file
        - mv of directories is supported only on TOS >= 1.4
        - chmod is not fully implemented (we have no user-specific restrictions
          in our OS)
        - touch can of course not change three separate times (only the
          modification time)

Try it and like it!

        - Edgar

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