Turbobase 80

Turbobase 80

Post by Lance Tatm » Fri, 20 Nov 1992 16:29:50

I am looking for a program called Turbobase or Turbobase 80 depending on which
version you may have.  It was produced by Micromiser Software.  The last
address I have for them is in Sorrento, Florida.  Does anyone have this
collection of programs....It was an inegrated business package that included a
relational database and a spreadsheet, word processor etc.  If you have a copy
I would like to make an offer on it.  Also, does anyone know if Micromiser is
still around?  They made a similar program called Ultrabase ST and if they were
making programs for the ST, maybe they are still around.



Turbobase 80

Post by Joe Perki » Sat, 21 Nov 1992 07:59:41

I am also looking for this program..in particular the database..
(Turbofile?). I think that both an 80 column and 40 coulumn version
were  produced.  I'm looking for the 40 column version...
****Joe Perkins



Turbobase 80

Post by Jeff McWilliam » Sat, 28 Nov 1992 20:19:02


I called Micromiser last month.  They no longer support their 8 bit programs,
and couldn't provide a copy of turbobase even if they wanted to, they are
totally out of stock.  I called Toad Computers, B&C, ATV, and BEST looking
to see if anybody had stock of Turbofile, and they didn't.  The guy
at B&C sold the last one a few months ago, but said sales were always
sluggish, maybe 1 or 2 copies a month.  To me, turbofile is the best Database
program I've seen, and Atari Classics wouldn't be here without it!
Atari Classics is still run from Turbobase 80, the mailing list is now being
run by the managing editor.

Perhaps it should be considered by some party if it would be possible to
purchase the rights and source code to the Turbofile/Turbobase/Turboword+

Jeff McWilliams


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