FS[US]: Mega STE, Color, Mono, Spectre, MIDI software, etc.

FS[US]: Mega STE, Color, Mono, Spectre, MIDI software, etc.

Post by Dan Mowcza » Fri, 17 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Mega STE, TOS 2.05, 1.44Mb Floppy, 80MB HD, great condition.  Includes
keyboard, mouse, power cable, manual.  Whatever happens to be on my HD.

SF354 SS external drive, like new

SM124 monochrome, no high voltage (parts special)

SC1224 Color, works very nicely.

Spectre GCR 3.0, with ROMs, with all original software.

KCS Omega

Dr. T's Copyist DTP

Oktal Multi 1.1

Boxes full of games.

Make offer on all or any of above.  Feel free to ask questions.  I'm
located in Warren, MI and would like to sell the heavy stuff locally, but
will ship if no local interest is generated.



1. FS[UK] Atari 520 STe 2MEG, Mono Monitor,Software etc.........

I've got a 520 STe with 2 Meg RAM,
a second floppy,
Gasteiner Mono Monitor,
Lattice C 5 from Hisoft and other stuff
plus various technical books for sale.....

If your interested mail me and make me an offer.......delivery at you

Also available {somewhat off the topic]

Yamaha TG100 General Midi module
Midiman smart sync tape sync box.

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