fun with bounce...

fun with bounce...

Post by f yourself » Wed, 20 Jun 1990 23:46:33

Not that I want to disrupt these great discussions on the TT, ATW, disk tos,
and the A3000, but I just wanted to inject some original material...

If you enjoy the game bounce (the one that you shoot bouncing balls, and
other bouncing things) you may want to try starting up with pyro (the
screen saver) after the allotted time it will reverse the screen, and
the fireworks will start in the background, all while you are playing!

Well, I guess it doesn't take much to e* me does it?

The screen does flicker, some of the explosions remain, and I believe I
have seen some of the bouncers be destroyed without me shooting them.?...

Yea, what the hell I will take responsibility! ...ha ha, I had my fingers

Blaine Lee


fun with bounce...

Post by Randy Hosl » Thu, 21 Jun 1990 23:07:33

Is this game pd or shareware?  Can I get it on the net?

Randy ( I like to play arcade games ;-), and when I get time write C hacks )

-disclaimer: this message has been brought to you by me.


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If you are experiencing any problems in getting through, keep trying. My
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