StringServer Support Page @ The MagiC Support Page

StringServer Support Page @ The MagiC Support Page

Post by Bengy Collin » Sun, 25 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hello everyone,
I have been working closely with the author of the excelent
StringServer, and we have came up with a mini-support page. The author
(Ozk) explains StringServer, how to use it etc in an easy, simplified
manner.  If you are curious about StringServer, if you are saying to
yourself right now "what is stringserver!!?" then this sight is for
you.  Ozk has not been getting the feedback he had originally hoped
(hardly any at all) so we are hoping that this site will change that.
Please give StringServer a try, atleast go to the page, it is a very
powerful program when supported!
The String Server Support page can be found at the MagiC Support page:
Take care,
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(my account has been canceled). I canceled my account for several
reasons, one of which is soon cable internet will be here (have to find
a way to hook it up to the Falcon030, I know it's possible).
Anyway, I have thought about using GeoCities, Angelfire etc., but I
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Thank you for your patience,

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