STart Magazine

STart Magazine

Post by Todd Dr » Tue, 13 Nov 1990 04:45:10

Is STart magazine still going strong?  I haven't seen a new issue in quite
a bit more than a month and hope they haven't vanished (with my subscription
money :-) )

The other explanation is that someone is stealing my mail :-{


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STart Magazine

Post by Michael Paul Greeli » Wed, 14 Nov 1990 10:35:27

I called them and they said the November issue is running a bit late.
Funny, I just saw it in the local computer store, but I, a subscriber
(for three years!) still don't have it. I dunno, seems like you hafta
pull teeth from these people to get anything lately... hopefully all the
confusion from the "reverse expansion" will die down soon.

I'm turning my ST into a Mac with Spectre GCR anyway, so I'm just gonna
let my subscription expire when it runs out. The ST is a dying
machine... too bad, considering how good it is price/performance wise.

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Hello Atarians -
   This is probably a FAQ, or at least old news, but does the publisher of
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