C Package . . .

C Package . . .

Post by Tony La » Wed, 27 May 1992 02:07:59

  I am interested in programing C on the Atari. I know there are alot
of different C Packages available for the 8bit, and merely was wondering
what the 'best' package is. Also, where I can obtain this package.


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C Package . . .

Post by Rick_Michael_Cort.. » Fri, 29 May 1992 17:46:25

If you want to run up some LD$, I think the latest/greatest may be found
on Atari Base (But it could'a been Full Moon???). Anyway; (408)745-2196.
I'm assumming you want PD vs LightSpeed C. I D/L'd the thing to take a look
at it & it seems more complete then any other package I've looked at. It
DOESN'T have a shell, but I think it may even support structures & somehow
figures out how to use a real bracket CHR$(125) instead of $( $). REM: I
haven't tried it yet so only opinions based on quick read of the docs.