ARGV= protocol

ARGV= protocol

Post by DAVID MEGGINS » Thu, 21 Jun 1990 23:00:00

Thank you again to the many people who have responded to my ARGV=
enquiry. I misunderstood the new Atari protocol because of the German
Gemini 1.1, which uses it incorrectly (the way I described it in my
initial posting). The ARGV= protocol looks very promising for the ST,
and I will incorporate it into my startup code. Just to make things
clear, this is the correct format for ARGV=

       ARGV=<don't care>\0<av[0]>\0<av[1]>\0...<av[ac-1]>\0\0

Also, as Alan Pratt wrote, the length byte in the basepage must be set
to 0x7f (I think). Hope this makes up for any confusion. Now, could
someone explain XBRA (just joking).

David Megginson

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I need documentation on the XBRA interrupt handling protocol and the
ARGV message protocol so that I can support them in my programs.

Can anyone point me to some docs, or possibly even email them to me?
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