1040ST upgrade to 2.5-4MB

1040ST upgrade to 2.5-4MB

Post by Tony Reynol » Tue, 26 Mar 1991 04:45:49

Look, sorry to bother you guys with this stupid question again, but
me, my news source, and my mail distribution set-up are about to
"go around and around!"

I need to find out the connections that are needed for soldering
wires to SIMMs to upgrade my Feb. 1988 revsion 1040STF (RAM under
power supply, holes-for-a-socket-for-a-blitter) to either 2.5MB
or 4MB.

I can handle the soldering iron, my 68000 is socketed after an ill-
fated attempt at putting a 68010 in the socket (note--> '010 fails
EVEN WORSE with TOS 1.4 than with TOS 1.0! Neater sequence of bombs
and re-boots!).

I figure it's pretty reasonable that address lines, data lines,
/RAS and /CAS lines need to be connected.  The real question
lies in what OTHER connections are needed.

Please POST replies.  Other people need to know this information,
and my mailer sometimes ignores messages for me.


Tony Reynolds

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