Atari Xerox Mouse

Atari Xerox Mouse

Post by David Hoga » Thu, 28 Aug 2003 12:44:07


Anyone heard of the Xerox mouse? I've asked about this before but now I
have a photo which can be seen here.

It's missing the connector which I may or may not have. Need to go
through some stuff. Well, I do have another one with a special adapter
but it still is not enough to interface with the atari. Might copy that
next time if necessary.

But what I may not still have is the xerox paper that makes it work. I
use to have it but may not anymore. If anyone knows how to get one
please let me know. Or any info leading to specs on this mouse.

This mouse is unbelievably smooth once you get it working.


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Hi. Sorry if this has been covered before.

Many thanks to folks who have directly answered my previous queries and to
net friends like Mr. Covert whose postings have been a great help. But a few
questions remain unanswered. Hope YOU can help :-)

My "project" is to "publish" a report/thesis in the form of a book using
an ATARI ST (Mega 2 hopefully as soon as my 1040 is sold) and a Laserprinter.
This will be a mostly text project with some layout graphics but not much of
"clip art" or photos I think.

I am told Calamus with a mono monitor and HP Laserjet will do the job.
Q. Does Calamus REQUIRE a Hard Drive? Is Atari Megafile 30 OK?

I was hoping to use Xerox Ventura or Pagemaker for the PC under the software
version of PC Dito when I do get the hard drive. Reason: so my files could be
used on someone else's IBM PC also.
Q. Is this possible? I guess it will be SLOOOOW but will it work? Suggestions?

Q. How much can I get Calamus for? Any chance to see it run on COlor STs?

I am in urgent need of this help and would really appreciate your cooperation.


Imran Anwar

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^sparing you a lengthy .sign :-)

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