Pro Midi Player for Atari

Pro Midi Player for Atari

Post by David Fletch » Thu, 17 Aug 2000 04:00:00

This program is now freeware according to the author at  However the download is only the demo
version. I've contacted Mr Koftinoff and he is happy to post the full version
if and when he can find it! Does anyone out there have a copy they could post
to me as I'd like to use this excellent program sooner rather than later.


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: Just wondering if anyone out there has heard of a MOD player that will
: play MODs at random, say from a given disk.  Is there such a thing?
: Also, just out of curiosity, what is everyone's favorite MOD player?
: Thanks for any info!
: Kevin

Greetings- Personally, I'd like something like this for MIDI files (any
format) which works as a DA or a background process. That way, I could
have real(-ish) music playing whilst word processing, backing up and so
on. The CodeHead MIDI Spy demo does some of this, but is limited to
about 15k files (I'd need 100k plus) and about 10 minutes usage. The full
version could do it, but I don't need the other facilities, such as
permanent recording. All I need is something which churns out data to the
MIDI ports. Anything like this around?

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