DuetMagiC v0.4 released

DuetMagiC v0.4 released

Post by e.. » Fri, 25 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hello everybody,

I've just released v0.4 of my program DuetMagiC.  This is a tiny utility that
makes the Duet network run with MagiC.  You should find it soon on the
ftp server 'ftp.tu-clausthal.de', the archive name is 'duetmc04.lzh'.  

New in v0.4:  English resource file and complete English documentation
included.  Minor bugfixing.  And my address and email are updated.

Please upload it to wherever you feel it might be needed.  And if you can't
get it, email me, and I'll mail it to you uuencoded!

Thank you.


1. AtariSIO V0.20 beta released

The new version includes the following enhancements:

- support for DCM/DI/XFD disk images
- transparent (de-)compression support through zlib
- devfs support in the kernel driver
- support for non-standard SIO2PC cables (using DSR instead of RI)
- added 'all' option to several atariserver functions
- several minor bugfixes and improvements

AtariSIO can be downloaded from my homepage


so long,


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