Pak 68/3

Pak 68/3

Post by George E. Hoffman I » Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I am posting this here from the st group in the hope someone here
can help me.

>: : I am looking for some help with a Pak 68/3 I just installed in my
>: : MegaST4. It seems to work fine in SThi rez but in STmed rez there
>: : is no blue. This makes all that should be black, yellow (red+green).
>: : Hard to read to say the least.
>: : The roms are labeled 306E-Uxx. The sys info prg. reports a UK version
>: : and os_conf has $7 in it.

>Hmm, if i remember right there was something with the set_color
>routine in the patched pak3-tos306. I think they needed space and
>removed it. Since most people tuning their hardware are using
>nvdi for further speedup they get a working set_color in nvdi
>and don't miss the original one. Perhaps i'm wrong.

>Has anyone noticed the bug with the two-bomb
>routine? Everytime my PAK3/TOS306-ST tries to crash with two bombs
>it locks up. The exception vector 2 (the one for two bombs)
>points to nirwana, even if i boot the machine completely *
>without any tool or accessory.

>  Till
>   Till Harbaum            o

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What version of NVDI do I need or is there a program I can run in
the auto folder to give me control back. None of the cpxs etc. do
anything. The ICD booter 6.4.3 gives me the right colors when I get
to the desktop. I am guessing because it sets the screen rez for
the boot. HDDriver 60 does not.