Overdose demo

Overdose demo

Post by Tero Molander opiskeli » Sun, 03 May 1992 16:13:55


I just uploaded a brand new "Overdose" demo to atari.archive.umich.edu. This
demo was ranked second in a demo competition which was held during Mega Leif
Convention in Sweden last month. This one includes great ProTracker music and
graphics with 32 colours on screen (a bit flickering though). Oh, it runs in
50 Hz only! I hope it will be available in /atari/demos directory soon...

Greets, T.M.



How come only a small percentage of the demos produced on the Atari/s end  
up on the a.a?

Surely coders who have spent several months on a project would like it to  
reach as many users as possible, not just those in their direct chain of  

If a good up-to-date demo archive exists, could someone please inform the  
other net users of it's whereabouts?

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