PAK 68/3?

PAK 68/3?

Post by Jan Doom » Sat, 04 Nov 1995 04:00:00


Has anyone some experiences with the PAK 68/3?
A specially with a Mega STE and 50 MHZ, more
memory and a vga card?


1. Pak 68/3


  I called a local atari store to purchase the PAK68/3 board (Toad computers)
surprisingly, they didn't feel confident enough in the product to sell it to me
until they know more about it, so I decided to ask here for some of their

First, they did not know how to reliably run the PAK at 50 mhz.  They are
selling an optional 'buffer board' which is supposed to facilitate this but
say they can't get any information on this procedure.

Second, I wanted a 68000 compatibility switch included and although they were
told by their distributor (System Solutions) that this is possible, their
technician was unable to make progress in actually doing the modification.

Also, does anyone know if Magic 3 can be put on roms and used as the on
board OS?  And finally, is their a PAK FAQ floating around somewhere as I
see alot of questions from interested users being posted.



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