MagiC Online News/Webbrowser, Interview

MagiC Online News/Webbrowser, Interview

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New at MagiC Online:

New section: On the horizon. The section will feature up and coming
programs. Featured this month, Highwire, the new webbrowser. Read the
current status, an early snap, interview etc. Next month: Direct, the French

New Interview: Didier MEQUIGNON (aniplay Author)

-The download bay is now online again.

-The MagiC OS Webring is also now online.  Users can now submit thier site if

MagiC Online:


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1. MagiC News(MagiC 7, New Webbrowser, MM 6.1.4)

MagiC 7 network support! (Dec 4)

A very reliable contact of MagiC online has informed us of some very
interesting "rumors". The first one? It is a strong possibility that MagiC
version 7 will have built-in networking support and that a TCP/IP shared
lib. is now in final beta. Below you will find an agreeable quote from the
"Can you imagine MagiC with a built in IConnect compatible stack, and shared
libraries that makes writing clients very easy? :-))))..... this means the
end for MiNT/freeMinT/N-AES and other crap."

High End Webbrowser in the works? (Dec 4)

It's has been speculated for awhile now that ASH is working on a
"CAB-Replacement" web browser that is to be fast and boast many modern
features. Recently, some information has came out that suggests that this is
exactly what ASH is doing, as they need to put a "browser in their catalog
The interesting aspect is that these recent rumors say that BOTH the
Brothers Behne (NVDI) and the two K's (MagiC) are working together on this
product! This is really something to watch out for.

MagiCMac now friends with OS 9! (Dec 3)

Finally, ASH has released a patch to update MagiC Mac 6.x to a state of OS 9
compatibility. Previously, OS 9 would only work together with MagiC Mac if
they were ran on older Macintoshes that had the ROM hard coded. (this
excluded every recent Macintosh, including the original and current
The update is free of charge and can be downloaded from the link below.

For daily news and information pertaining to MagiC and modern Atari

(Yes, Its alive again!)

PS: I will not be posting all the news from MagiC online in this group
(unless there is a strong want for this? :-) I just thought that the above
articles were rather interesting


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