GlueSTiK v0.01beta1 available

GlueSTiK v0.01beta1 available

Post by Scott Bigh » Mon, 29 Apr 1996 04:00:00

[Okay, it's been about two days now and this still hasn't shown up at my
 own site, so I'm gonna repost it.  If the original does show up
 eventually, my apologies in advance.]

By popular demand [sorry `bout that, Dan... ;) ], and until I can
complete coding on beta2, I am making available the beta1 version of my
GlueSTiK STiK emulator for MiNTnet.  It is available at
<URL:>, or through
my Atari page <URL:>.


      This is beta software.  It is known to have bugs, and is known
      not to work with some STiK apps.  I take no responsibility for
      anything that happens because you used this software.


I hope to be able to release a more stable version in the near future.
In the meantime, enjoy.

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1. WriteAtr V0.92 available

Finally, I've uploaded version 0.92 of WriteAtr to my homepage

The major changes between V0.91 and V0.92 are:

* Support for higher capacity formats (360k/720k/1.44M) is working now.

* High capacity formats are supported in three different mappings:
  - ATR8000 compatible (used by most Atari high capacity drives):
    first side 1 is written, then side 2.
  - 'PC style' (eg Karin Maxi): starts with track 0 / side 1, then
    track 0 / side 2, then track 1 / side 1, ...
  - XF551: first side 1 is written, then side 2 in reverse order

* Written sectors are now verified by default, so you can detect
  bad floppy disks.

* Whenever an error occurs, the exact position and error code is
  reported and the user may chose to abort/rety/ignore the current

* I've fixed several smaller bugs in the disk-access layer (mainly
  concerning the high capacity formats) and added some more
  debugging info.

If you've been using an earlier version of WriteAtr, please upgrade
to the current version. Especially the 'verify writes' feature can
save you from a lot of troubles with bad media.

so long,


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