CAP problems

CAP problems

Post by Carl A Maccarl » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 18:54:00

Apparently, two of the uuencoded files for the program CAP that I posted 7/10
got severely truncated on the way to SCORE.  I will be reposting the program
as soon as I can make sure that this doesn't happen again.  
In the mean time, I will email the program directly to anyone who requests it
by email.  I haven't had any problem with direct mail to any sites so far.
Again, I'm not on the info-atari mailing list, so I can't see any postings
regarding this.
- carl


1. CAP posting problems

        I guess I learned my lesson.  My attempts to post the circuit
analysis program CAP really turned into a mess.  It appears that
although most recipients of this newsgroup (I have no idea of how
many networks are involved) got the reposted files intact, quite
a few did not.  File truncation and character substitutions seem
to be the most common problems.  I have religiously direct emailed the
program to anyone who requested it by email, with about a 95% success rate.
If your copy is bad, I'll do my best to get you a good copy.  If I knew of
a better distribution alternative, I would use it.  Any suggestions are
appreciated, but don't post replies to this newgroup.  I only recieve
a small subset of comp/sys/atari16 stuff here, the few things that leak onto
our news feed.  (I will not even see this posting.)  Please mail comments
direct to me.
        People on bitnet and in Europe might also try getting
it from the original source, Peter Verbruggen in Holland.  Address:

To anyone who wasted time with corrupted copies, my apologies.

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