Looking for PPP connexion

Looking for PPP connexion

Post by robert.st.. » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 00:26:32

  From AEO...

    For more advanced features,  Demon Internet Software might be for you.
The developer,  Demon Internet located in London,  provides a software kit
that consists of TCP/IP software KA9Q,  email software,  Usenet readers,
finger,  Telnet,  and FTP programs.  This software is available in the US
on major information services and on the Internet.  There is not,  as yet,
a graphical Web browser for the Atari ST.  However,  the text based LYNX
will work fine.  ...unquote.

  Hope this helps.


the Internet,  EXPLORER.4 on GEnie, or on ApC BBS (208-362-1790).


1. Looking for PPP connexion on my STe

Hi, there...

I'm looking for a PPP connexion kit for Atari...
I have a STe with 2 megs and am wondering if there is
somewhere a kit that could allow me to connect easily to my
Internet Provider's nodes...
I have found a software called TUW122 but it requires hard
changes and an ethernet card...
Is it also possible to find IRC, Gopher, WWW clients ?

Thanx... Marc.
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