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Hi Everyone,
   By all the mail that I have received during the past few days, it seems
like very few people actually have access to the comp.sys.atari..announce,
and are not able to read the press release. So here is the press release


Homa Systems House is proud to announce a New product, the ATARI CD MASTER
(ACM).  ACM is a an authoring system for a number of DOS/WINDOWS popular CD
ROMS. ACM has the following features:

- easy user interface, fully multitaksing in a window
- pictures are viewable on 2, 16 color, 256 color modes, including
graphics cards and the Falcon
- Powerful search features, with "narrow down" option. On TIME
almanac, you can search the whole CD for a particular key word(s)
- Upto 4 text windows open, with one picture window
- Save, print, ....

The following CDs are supported so far:

1- TIME ALMANAC OF the 1990s. This CD contains all the TIME magazine articles
from Jan 1 1989 to May 4 1994, will all the pictures.  It also has the TIME MAN
OF THE YEAR, the CIA FACT BOOK (tonnes of data/picture on various countries
(>150), organizations, world statistics), MAPS, Almanac charts and articles.
View portrait profiles on 12 major persons and events of the 20th century,
highlights of each decade and all the presidential elections, and more! This is
a great encyclopedia of world events.  With ACM, you can access all the data
files, pictures on any ST with monochrome graphics, or on VGA 16 color or 256
colors (TT, Falcon, graphics cards) up to 1280x1024, save and/or print them. You
can also do a thorough search on all the articles/ pictures, and/or narrow down
your selection to reach to your desired information.

2- TIME ALMANA, REFERENCE EDITION, This CD is very similar to the 1990s, except it only
has the articles up to the end of 1993; however, it has the complete TIME MAN OF THE
YEAR, from year 1927  to 1993, plus hundreds of other text and graphics.

3- UFO (I or II): This is an exciting CD with over 1300 articles, many of them
with amazing graphics describing UFO events from prehistoric times to the

4- Space Missions: This CD contains over 1600 articles, with over 700 with
astounding pictures on all the space missions form all over the world (USSR,
USA, CHINA, England, ...)

5- Audio CD Master  v4, "NOW IN 3D" which is the ultimate Audio CD player on the ATARIs.
With this program (or accessory), you can play Audio CDs in the background of
any application using any SCSI CD ROM, even the popular NEC 25, which no other
player supports. It requires -> no <- other drivers (i.e., metados, extendos).

Version 4 has lots of new features/enhancements, 3D buttons.

Audio CD Master offers the following:

Play, stop, pause, resume, FF, REW, eject, track. skip options.

Track options allow you to specify a range of tracks, i.e., from 2-11, or play
a single track, or play programmable tracks. You can assign up to 16 tracks to
play, and also save them, so the next time you insert the CD, the program
automatically asks you whether you want to play the previously saved sequences.

You can play anywhere within a track, i.e., track 4, minute 3, and second 11,
for ultimate control eg: for musicians.

Displays the track names (by their name of the albums/and tracks) for the
current CD, and also you can select tracks by their names (if you have a lot of
CDs, you don't need to memorize all the track numbers anymore)

Works as a program or accessory, with any resolution above 640x400..It is also
multitasking. Has an alternate window (a much smaller one) with all the main buttons
(play, resume,pause, stop,track, rew, ff,...) in order to have instant access from within any
program, and avoid cluttering.

ATARI TT, Falcon, ST (with ICD) is required.

Atari CD MASTER will have new drivers added to it periodically, for a nominal
fee. Pricing is as follows:

ATARI CD MASTER, complete 4 pack for only ...... 39.95 US$
Upgrade for Audio CD Master(v3) owners    ...... 25.00 US$

Upgrades can be done by sending your disk directly to Homa systems House or It's
all Relative.

We can also supply you the CDs for $15 for Time Alamanc and UFO. The price of
Space missions is not yet known, but will be around the same figure.

As mentioned previously, you can expect more CDs to be added to the list (we are
working really fast, there are two more CDs in the works, estimated release
time, two weeks)

At Homa Systems House, we are dedicated to bring you quality software and
hardware. If you want to be on our mailing list, please send your name and
address to one of the following:

Homa Systems House
P.O.BOX 52127
TEL: (613) 722-0901
FAX: (613) 722-9061

genie: NIMA

You can expect to see ATARI CD MASTER on your friendly dealer's
shelf, or directly from us.
We accept Visa/MC, or money order, or cheque for methods of payment.
3% surcharge on credit cards.

"1995 INTERNATIONAL AUTO ALMANAC". Interactive graphics and text (specs, ....)
about all the 1994/1995 cars.
/\/\   Nima Montaser                 \                                /\/\


1. [Q} Which CD-ROM allows reading Audio-CD's over SCSI?

I recently read somewhere that some CD-ROM players allow reading audio-CD data
digitally through the SCSI interface. I couldn't find an answer in the FAQ,
so maybe someone out here knows
- which CD-ROM players allow this (and also allow Photo-CD reading, and
        is dual -- maybe even quadruple -- speed).
- the drive should be external (and SCSI off course): or is there an easy way
        to install an internal, or even IDE, CD-ROM to a Falcon (can you
        convert IDE to SCSI?)
- which driver I need for this on my Falcon 4/65
- how much I should expect to pay for the drive...
I realize, quite a lot of questions. If you have answers to some of them, it
would help me lot.

Thanks in advance,



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