SURVEY: Favorite 8 Bit Program List (8/5/1993)

SURVEY: Favorite 8 Bit Program List (8/5/1993)

Post by Brian Tot » Sat, 07 Aug 1993 05:45:04

Here's the latest favorite 8 bit program list.  Send additions to me.


A.E.                                   Joust
ANALOG's Planetary Defense             Jumpman
AR                                     Karateka
AR the dungeon                         Kermit65
Ali Baba                               M.U.L.E.
Alley Cat                              Macro Assembler
Alternate Reality (The City)           Marauder
Archon                                 Miner 2049er
Archon                                 Missile Command
Archon II: Adept                       Mousekattack
Astro Chase                            Necromancer
Atari Logo                             Omnitrend's Universe
Atari Text Editor                      One on One
Atariwriter                            Questron
Avalon Hill's Galaxy                   Rainbow Walker
Aztec Challenge                        Rally Speedway
BASIC B                                Rescue on Fractalus
Ballblazer                             Return of Heracles
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein              SCRAM
BobTerm                                Sargon III
Boulder Dash                           Scott Adams' Adventure #5: The Count
Bounty Bob Strikes Back                Seven Cities of Gold
Bruce Lee                              Shamus
CC65                                   Six Gun Shootout
Castle Wolfenstein                     Spare Change
Dandy                                  SpartaDOS 3.2d
Defender                               SpeedScript
Drol                                   Spelunker
Eastern Front                          SpinDizzy
Express 850                            Star League Baseball
F-15 Strike Eagle                      Star Raiders
Final Legacy                           Suspended
Flight Simulator II                    The Dreadnought Factor
Flip & Flop                        The XL OS
Getaway                                Ultima III
H.E.R.O.                               Ultima IV
Journey to the Planets                 Wizard of Wor

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One had a rectagular box with a moving bucket, where you could drop things
into and they would get changed into something else as they went around.

I don't remember the other one off hand, but I'll go find it if there's
anyone out there that can help.

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