Curses Library required

Curses Library required

Post by Andrew Go » Wed, 20 Jun 1990 22:13:22

        Does anyone have the sources (in C) for the 'curses' screen handling
library, if they do could they mail them to me ? Especialy if it's been
adapted for use on the Atari ST.

        - Andrew -


1. GCC library update and math library for GCC (TOS and minixST)

The 5 shar files following this message contain library updates to
both Gcc for MinixSt and Gcc for Atari TOS. They also contain a math
library for Gcc, based on Fred Fish's Portable Math Library posted
to comp.sources.misc some time ago. Before you can use this stuff you
must ensure that you are running Gcc V1.31. The updates to Gcc V1.31
are available for FTP from ( This
update is also available for FTP from in the files
After unsharing all the 5 shar files, read README.GCC for instructions.

usenet: {decvax,sun}!cwjcc!dsrgsun!bammi        jwahar r. bammi

compuServe:  71515,155

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