ATARI XL prototypes ?

ATARI XL prototypes ?

Post by Frank Schr?der-H?ftman » Thu, 07 Aug 2003 17:10:20

Hi ZR!

Quote:> I once read in a magazine , that "Rainbow Arts" was porting some of
> their C64 games to the XL , for release on XEGS carts.We know , only
> Jinks was released on Disk and there is a 7800 version AFAIK.

A few years back I was emailing Julian Eggebrecht (ex-Rainbow Arts) about
the game Ataris commissioned from Rainbow Arts, i.e. Jinks, Bad Cat etc.

I can't remember what exactly he said but it was something along the lines
that Atari insisted on having those games on cartridges only (because of the
harder to do pirating) and not as disk versions, which seemed financially
not viable to Rainbow Arts.

Quote:> But in this magazine , ports of "Great Giana Sisters" or "Street Gang"
> were mentioned - but never released - maybe unfinished versions exist.

According to him, they do. Or at least, they did.

Once again, I may be wrong on this one. Could be that only Jinks was
completed (by the AMC lads) and the others weren't even started. Maybe I'm
mixing that up as well... (-;

In 2002 there was a thread in csa8 on Lucasfilm's Labyrinth which, contrary
to rumours, was never even started for the Atari.

Quote:> Anyone hunting for prototypes , especially in Europe ,were its
> possible that such games exist , games that were made after 1985 by
> smaller companies ?

Check out



ATARI XL prototypes ?

Post by mach » Fri, 08 Aug 2003 12:47:46

Quote:>I think that there must b many unreleased games for the ATARI 8 Bit.

>Not only classic games by ATARI , that were planned for cartridge
>release or XEGS carts etc.

>But also disk-based or cassette-based games.

>Because in old magazines , XL versions of somes games were mintioned
>as "coming soon" - but never came.

>One example is "The Last Ninja" , this game was programmed for the
>ATARI , but never released - but there are versions for much inferior
>systems like the Acorn BBC.

Now that you mention it, it's the time of the year for my inquiry on Gunship
for the Atari XL/XE... Yes, it DID exist, I wasn't dreaming (my cousin-in-law
can confirm the story), and it isn't a case of misidentification of another
game (Tomahawk). A German friend back in school had it, back then in 1987, he
said he had got it from another friend of him; it was a double-sided disk, and
he could make a copy of it (using the Happy Archiver for one side and some other
thing for the other side, which he hadn't but his friend had) but then the copy
would run only on his drive so I'd have to take his original disk. Unfortunately
at the time I didn't have a disk drive, and my cousin-in-law wasn't interested;
by the time I got an XF 551 next year, my schoolmate had already left the
country and I haven't heard of him ever since.

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