Atari ST disks <----> IBM DOS disks ?

Atari ST disks <----> IBM DOS disks ?

Post by Ian Phillip » Sun, 05 Apr 1992 07:50:26

>>I'm looking for software to either read and write IBM disks on an Atari 1040 ST
>>or read and write Atari ST disks on an IBM PS/2.
>If you have Atari disks already wriiten in an Atari, and now want to
>read them in a PC, you need a disk/sector editor that will read a
>"non-DOS" disk format (e.g. Nortons - older versions may need to be
>invoked in "maintenance" mode).

I have a short and kludgy program which "massages" the boot sector on a
ST disk so that msdos can read it. All you need to modify is the first
three bytes. If there's any interest, I'll post it: it really IS short
- I entered it using DEBUG (blush!) - but not accessible to me at this
instant, or else I'd post it right now.

Disclaimer: if you've put a non-standard format (>9 sectors/track) on
your Atari disks, you may still have trouble reading them, and my
program may wipe out your boot sector.

I've not used it for a while, since I use a variant of FDFORMAT on an
MSDOS machine to format all my disks. I sent a copy to the author, but
haven't seen (or looked for) any new versions of his software.  Mine
puts the Atari's 24-bit random number in the right place: some ST
software actually uses this!

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1. Atari ST disks <----> IBM DOS disks ???

if you have a double-sided drive on the Atari, just format the disks on
a PC as normal 720k disks. The Atari will have *no* trouble with them.
If you have a single sided drive, the person with the PC needs to add
the following to their CONFIG.SYS (assuming the 3.5" drive is drive b:)

        device=driver.sys /d:1 /f:1 /h:1

This creates a "new" drive letter for the B: drive and tells the
system that it is a single sided 3.5 drive.

This all works because the Atari uses MS-DOS directory structures!
The only catch is that DOS requires the first sector after the index
hole to be sector 1. The Atari ignores the index hole. That's why
you need to format the disks on a PC...

I "converted" files to PC format for a friend with an Atari for
years. His editor never complained about the disks with the manuscripts
on them...

(The CIS address is checked daily. The others infrequently)

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