CD Audio software done (you need BB, SCSI Cd ROM and ASPI manager, which is software)

CD Audio software done (you need BB, SCSI Cd ROM and ASPI manager, which is software)

Post by Mathy Van Nisselr » Tue, 26 Jun 2001 19:38:46

Howdy folks

My Cd Audio Player utility works.  The user interface is crude (to say the
least), but you can PLAY, NEXT, PREV and OPEN.  NEXT and PREV even work if you
leave the CD playing while you leave the software and go do something else
(like play a game, use some other software, whatever) then come back and skip
to the previous or next track.  The software knows what track is being played.

I'll post the LISTed TurboBASIC listing in alt.binaries.atari.  All you have to
do is get the ASPI Manager software (ask me) and connect a SCSI CD ROM player
to your BlackBox (sorry, Matthias Belitz didn't have time to write ASPI
managers for other interfaces.  And at the moment he's the only one working on
this.)  A yes, convert the CR/LF to EOL.

CU                      Mathy van Nisselroy

PS I'ld like to thank Matthias Belitz for writing the ASPI manager, associated
software and especially for helping me write this utility.


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I recently read somewhere that some CD-ROM players allow reading audio-CD data
digitally through the SCSI interface. I couldn't find an answer in the FAQ,
so maybe someone out here knows
- which CD-ROM players allow this (and also allow Photo-CD reading, and
        is dual -- maybe even quadruple -- speed).
- the drive should be external (and SCSI off course): or is there an easy way
        to install an internal, or even IDE, CD-ROM to a Falcon (can you
        convert IDE to SCSI?)
- which driver I need for this on my Falcon 4/65
- how much I should expect to pay for the drive...
I realize, quite a lot of questions. If you have answers to some of them, it
would help me lot.

Thanks in advance,



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