Those 'crippled' Mega2 ST's

Those 'crippled' Mega2 ST's

Post by Z46482 » Sun, 02 Dec 1990 15:00:00

RE: Mega2 ST that are 'not expandable'

    I think, in my always unexpert opinion, that those 'unexpandable'
Mega2 STs, the ones which don't have Mega4 memory expansion areas, are
unexpandable only as per the experience of the dealer's tech or
individual attempting to work on the unit.
    My dealer has been expanding those STs to four megs with no problem.
Don't know how or if they are using their own expansion board or what,
but they do it.
    Regarding Ken and other Atari engineers who have commented on
these units.  Remember that these kind folks are engineers, not the
marketing people...  Do or die, they have to perform their work the
way the boss man says...



    Been reading about these 'crippled' Mega2's that can't be upgraded.
    Was it that I was lucky?  My Mega2 had the areas for extra ram
chips, etc.  My Mega2, bought in October of 1987, is now a Mega4 and
has TOS 1.4 to boot.
    Was I just lucky to get this particular series?

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