Virtual Printer

Virtual Printer

Post by Ivan Van den Bossch » Mon, 06 Jan 2003 22:10:32


I'm trying to develop a Virtual Printer driver.  In the print monitor the
BMP file will be produced but I have one question: How can I determine the
BMP resolution that needs to be stored in the BMP file?

Thanks a lot!


1. Printing to PaperPort VIrtual Printer

When I attempt to print from MS Fax to the PaperPort desktop using the
PP virtual driver, all I get on the desktop is a blank page where
there should be fax data.  If I "print" to PP from MS Word, the
formatted text will appear on the desktop.  It is only the fax image
that fails to get to PP.  I would like to be able to OCR my faxes w/o
having to print them to paper and scanning them in.

Anyone have a soluition?  Thanks - Rob.

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