How can I link a recurring task?

How can I link a recurring task?

Post by Gilles » Wed, 07 Aug 2002 00:34:14


How can I link recurring tasks (such as a weekly status meeting) with the
other tasks?
Currently, when I add a recurring task and assign it to a resource,
that resource is overloaded for the duration of the recurring task.


Gilles A.


1. Recurring tasks - linking

I have three recurring tasks - A,B,C - that occur on the same day on a
regular basis.  B has a FS dependency on A and C has an FS dependency on
B.  I linked tasks ABC to create a "cycle" but can only task C is
displayed on the Gantt Chart.  None of these tasks are scheduled on the
calendar.   I can see the progression of the three tasks on the network
diagram though.

Any suggestions/ explanations for a P2K novice?

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