Install Help on NT4.0 Please (-:

Install Help on NT4.0 Please (-:

Post by Miguel Medin » Sat, 09 Jun 2001 00:00:02

I am wondering if anyone has had trouble installing project 2000 on windows
NT 4.0. After installing Project 2000, the operating system will not boot
up.  The boot-sector appears to be damaged.  Could thi be due to Anti-Virus?
Please email me too if you ahve a solution.



1. Please help - Phindows in NT4.0 stuck on a:

Hello QNX-NT4.0 - Experts,

I had installed Phindows (Photon for Windows) from distribution floppy
onto disk - successfully. Then I launched Phindows, not realizing that I
invoked it from the floppy - should have been the hard disk, of course.
Now I must use the installation floppy each time I start it. All the
dynamic data necessary to run Phindows and even the license seems to be
on the floppy after that mistaken first launch, and some information
within NT keeps pointing there, although I have afterwards "uninstalled"
Phindows (deleted its hard disk directory, there seems to be no other
way to get rid of it) three times. But after each  "re-installation",
ist still wants the floppy. Help! Who knows how I can erase and
reinstall it as if it has never been running before?  

Thanks al lot in advance.


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