Non zero Work on Fixed Work task without resource

Non zero Work on Fixed Work task without resource

Post by R. Segaw » Sat, 07 Oct 2000 12:33:31

This happens on both versions Project 98 SR-01 and 2000. To reproduce this
behavior make this.

a) On Gantt Chart or Tracking Gantt view create a task, for instance, of 5
working days and make it Fixed Work task type.

b) Create a resource.

c) Add the resource to the task. There will be 40 hours of work.

d) Now remove the resource. Go to the Task usage view and the 40 hours will
still be there. You can check it on any task oriented view, but it does not
appear on resource oriented views. You can check even on Project Statistics.
If you created the resource with cost, the cost will also remain.

It does not happen with Fixed Duration or Units task type.

So careful when removing resources from a Fixed Work task type.

R. Segawa


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In Task usage in a specific task with several resources
I want to insert zero work for an individual resource in
a specific date and for some reason nothing happens
The purpose is to have the resource start working at a later
time in the task

I verified the resource calendar, date limitation, schedule,
dependencies with other tasks, etc. and I found no reason
for it.

It is very curious because in some other tasks, it is possible
to do it

If I change the starting date the resource works on the task,
I get the result I want.

However I want to know why it can not be done, using the insert
option and why it works with some resources in some tasks and
it does not work in others.  It is a puzzle for me !!

Does any one knows why ??

I will appreciate any available help


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