Actual work and finished duration (actual work x planned work)

Actual work and finished duration (actual work x planned work)

Post by Carlo » Sat, 22 Mar 2003 12:05:36

Hi, friends.

I have a project with a lot of tasks that, unfortunately, are executed in a
order different from id's. The problem is that, because of this, I dont
know how is the status of the project, i.e., the project statistics shows me
that the project is 65% finished and % of work is 61%.

I think % of work is different of % duration, isn't it?

There are tasks in the beginning of the project that are finished; there are
tasks in dates before today not started; but there are many tasks originally
in the future already started and finished.

So, today, I dont know how I am....

How can I know if I am late or if I am ok with the status of project? If the
tasks would started in my planned order, no problem, but how they happens
differently and I have ancient tasks not started and future tasks already
finished I'm lost.

Is there a way to compare the total of planned work with the actual work or
the current work?

Thanks for all,


PS: Forgive me for my poor English


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