Access to a P2000 "internal variable" ?

Access to a P2000 "internal variable" ?

Post by Michael Frien » Wed, 08 Nov 2000 15:47:56


I would be grateful for any info re getting access to a P2000 "internal

The scenario is as follows:

We find it helpful to distribute .gif snapshots of individual Gantts to the
resources working on a project by placing them in a common area for access.
Current practice is to identify the file by naming it in a resource
name/week end format (eg., TOM WE 0311.GIF).

The best way seems to be to set up the required Gantt format and then
iterate through a cycle of Autofilter by resource, take GIF, save as
required name for each resource.

I could set up a macro to do the remaining steps if I could retrieve the
name which is specified at the Autofilter by resource step. I guess this
must be accessable as a P2000 "internal variable".

Thanks in advance,



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Best regards

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