Multiple Working/Non Working Date Calendars

Multiple Working/Non Working Date Calendars

Post by Paul » Sat, 19 Oct 2002 00:02:13

I have a master project file containing about a half dozen
seperate projects, some of which have working dates
different from each other and the MS standard calendar.  
Is there a simple way to establish seperate work time/date
calendars for these 'subprojects' and apply to the
subprojects at a subproject level within the master
project file?  I know that there is a way to do it by
resource in the resource view, but doing that would be too
time consuming and painful.  Any help is appreciated

1. Activities show on Non Working days (Calendar View)

Hi all, I am having one of those mornings!!

I have wrestled with this one before and have formatted my bars to be behind
non working time and it WAS fine. But now I notice that some recently added
tasks that run for several weeks are going through the weekend in Calendar
view - its fine in Gant view.

I have played with this for a while and it seems that repeating the
previously successful operation of setting non working time to show in front
of task bars is not working.

Anyone any ideas please?


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