Recommened Installation Sequences of Project 2000 alongside Office 2000 (MSI v1.1 and SR-1a)

Recommened Installation Sequences of Project 2000 alongside Office 2000 (MSI v1.1 and SR-1a)

Post by Microsoft Projec » Thu, 15 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hi Neil,

MS Project 2000 uses the same setup technology and setup logic as Office
2000 SR1. You shouldn't have a problem installing Project and Office in
*any* order but you should install the Outlook Security Update last.  Just
to be safe install them in the order of their release dates (oldest first,
newest last):
1. Project 2000
2. Office 2000 SR1a
3. Outlook 2000 Security Update

Thanks. Microsoft Project

Quote:> Hi,

> I am about to begin deploying Project 2000 in my enterprise, onto
> running the operating systems: Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (SP5), Windows
> 2000 Professional and Windows 98 (SP1).  And I was wondering if somebody
> would be kind enough to resolve a number of installation considerations
> I have?

> At the moment, I have Office 2000 Premium installed on all clients and I
> planning on install Project 2000.  But I also am planning on installing
> Office 2000 SR-1a, the Windows Installer 1.1 update and the Outlook 2000
> Security Update and I was wonder where if at the installation of Project
> 2000 should come into the sequence?

> For example, should I install Project 2000 before I apply SR-1a and
> Installer 1.1 or after the application of these two components?  It has
> sugguested the Project 2000 uses Windows Installer 1.1 anyway, is this so?

> Thankyou, if anybody is able to assist me in this issue I would be most
> appreciative.

> Neil Hobbs

> MCP: Windows NT 4.0 (Server, Enterprise, Workstation and TCP/IP)


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I am posting this message in the hope that somebody will be able to assist

At the present time, I am involved to deploying the full Office 2000 SR-1
deployment.  Where we would like to deploy the following products:

Office 2000 SR-1 Premium Edition, and
Project 2000

But we only have the following CDs - a CD labelled 'Office 2000 SR-1' and a
CD labelled 'Project 2000'.  Is it possible to deploy the SR-1 revision of
Office 2000 and then to install the original revision of Project 2000?

Thankyou, if you are able to assist in any way.  I would really appreciate

Best regards,

Neil Hobbs

MCP: Windows NT 4.0 & TCP/IP

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