Web Content Advisor

Web Content Advisor

Post by Stev » Tue, 17 Dec 2002 03:44:22

Anyone advise me what would be the de riguer Solaris application for
monitoring and blocking Web content?

Was looking at Content Technologies Websweeper but it semms to be a Windows




1. Four Steps To Web Content Management Success

System News for Sun Users Vol 37 Issue 5

3484 Four Steps To Web Content Management Success

As corporate web sites evolve beyond static "brochureware"
into sophisticated e-business hubs, managing the spectrum of
underlying technology -- pages, applications, components,
files, and other digital assets -- becomes a Herculean effort.
Interwoven, an acknowledged content management leader, has
joined forces with iPlanet to help enterprise customers manage
the resources that drive scalable, reliable, high-performance
web businesses capable of delivering smart services and
dynamic content.

Using TeamSite integrated with iPlanet Application Server,
corporations can manage the creation, workflow and deployment
of digital assets -- static or dynamic HTML, XML, Enterprise
JavaBeans components (EJBs), JavaServer Pages (JSP),
applications, and multimedia and database files, with a single

Consequently, they can:

   - Rapidly deploy web applications and content.

   - Manage all asset types including application code, file
     system, and database assets.

   - Test content changes in a virtualized web environment
     without impacting the production site.

   - Maintain consistency through the use of standardized,
     easy-to-use TeamSite templates.

   - Empower technical and non-technical business users to
     accelerate web initiatives without tying up valuable IT

Read the entire article on iPlanet's web site:


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