Patch 4 now available

Patch 4 now available

Post by John T Ko » Sat, 02 Jun 1990 19:33:00

Patch #4 to the Kerberos distribution is now available.

The changes therein are described at the end of this message.

The patch is about 54k long.

To retrieve this patch:

Anonymous FTP: connect to, retrieve

with a subject of 'send krb-code patch4'; it will be mailed back to you.

Digital Equipment Corporation/Project Athena

CHANGES in this patch file:
        - new version of makedepend (handles #elif, #pragma, other
                changes) (this is now the X11R3 makedepend)
        - changes for SunOS (should now work on Sun-4's and SunOS 4.0)
        - clean up some problems with DEFINES makefile macros
        - clean up some old RCS pathname headers
        - remove some excess #include <xxx> statements
        - fix some missing function declarations
        - fix a buffer-length error in send_to_kdc

NOTE:  Due to some changes in util/imake.includes/config.Imakefile, I
recommend that you recopy this file into any configurations you have
build and re-edit it with your local changes.

You may also wish to recopy makedepend into your configuration
directories and rebuild it.