success compiling krb5-1.2.6 on cygwin

success compiling krb5-1.2.6 on cygwin

Post by Bob.Sm.. » Fri, 11 Apr 2003 11:23:59

My hope is to be able to run ms2mit.exe
and use standard kerberos programs based
on my existing active directory credentials.
I thought I'd mention a few issues about
the compile process in case people have
suggestions for better ways to do things.

1. The latest on is
krb5-1.2.6. It would be nice to get the
security patches for the more recent versions.

2. Cygwin doesn't have a resolv library.
There is a cutback resolver which doesn't
interface to the win2k DNS cache. It is
minires from Pierre Humblett at
- make install doesn't install everything,
you have to do some manual install from the

3. ./configure --with-cc=gcc --without-krb4 --disable-dns-for-kdc
AD doesn't support krb4. I disable dns for kdc
because minires doesn't support res_search.

4. Add
      #include <errno.h>
to src/util/ss/ss_internal.h, otherwise the
linker gives _errno errors.

5. The current cygwin ships with bison 1.875
but that failed to compile gssftpd/ftpcmd.y.
I compiled and installed bison 1.28 (as on
my redhat system) and all went well.

Krb5 then compiles OK. I haven't tried to run
anything yet. Is this the best way to proceed?
I know that heimdal works for cygwin and I
only want the client stuff so maybe I should
be using that instead. Actually I'm mostly
only interested in 2 kerberos clients:
kerberized ssh and kx509.

Thanks for any help.




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    -- Chris

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