Port to Silicon Graphics Irix

Port to Silicon Graphics Irix

Post by Larry Schuet » Sat, 18 Apr 1992 04:12:09

        Is anyone running kerberos on their SGI Workstations?  We
are contemplating setting up a kerberos server to cut down on the number
of unencrypted passwords being passed around our LAN.

Alternatively, is there a porting guide that I can grab for pointers?

Thanks, Larry


1. Porting Jove to Silicon Graphics Iris Workstations

I have been trying to bring up Jove Version 4.9 on a Silicon Graphics
Iris 3020 workstation.  I get a variety of error messages during the
compilation of jove.c ending with a ***error code 1, and then it

Has anyone out there ported Jove to Silicon Graphics workstations?
Any information that you could give me about the problems that you
encountered (and hopefully solved) would be most welcome.

Thanks for your help.

Terry Phillips
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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