safe message problem: HP to 486

safe message problem: HP to 486

Post by mit-eddie!harvard!scubed!flamingo.SanDiego.NCR.COM!donn » Fri, 06 Nov 1992 09:07:44

This is probably old news but here goes ...

We're trying to inteoperate between our i486 machine running a port of
Kerberos 4.9 and an HP-9000 system running version 4.? (don't know the
exact version). When receiving "safe" messages sent by the HP
system, we fail comparing the checksums and reject the message.

The 4.9 source tries to account for the different machine
architectures by invoking swap_u_16() on one of the checksums before
comparing the received checksum with that generated by des_quad_cksum
on our side.  However, swap_u_16() swaps the ENTIRE 16 bytes as
   original bytes: 000102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f
   after swap:     0f0e0d0c0b0a09080706050403020100

Unfortunately des_quad checksum() on the 486 returns:
If one swaps the bytes in EACH long independently you get:
Which is the same value as the checksum sent in the message!

It looks like the call to swap_u_16() should be changed to 4 calls to
swap_u_long(), or swap_u_16() be changed to handle swapping within the
long integers that make up the checksum. Alternatively swapping could
be removed from rd_safe and des_quad_checksum changed to create a
machine independent 16 or 32 byte value.

If this is a known bug is there a standard fix? I also assume that
private message handling is impacted, but I haven't looked into it

By the way the machine definitions for the 486 are:

#define BITS32
#define BIG
#define LSBFIRST

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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safe message problem: HP to 486

Post by Shawn Mamr » Wed, 11 Nov 1992 00:38:39

I noticed the same problem with safe messages between machines with different
byte-ordering a couple months ago (in my case, between a DECstation (little-
endian) and a Sun SPARCstation (big-endian).  I changed the checksum
byte-swapping code in src/lib/krb/rd_safe.c to swap one longword (four bytes)
at a time, and that seemed to fix it.

any acknowledgement one way or another.  I have no doubt that this has already
been noticed long before I did, and odds are good there was probably even
a patch posted to this mailing list a long time ago, but I've never seen
any place where "official" fixes to patchlevel 9 have been kept...  For
what it's worth, here's my patchlevel 9-based fix:

*** rd_safe.c   Mon Sep 14 10:25:32 1992
--- rd_safe.c.orig      Mon Jan 23 15:16:38 1989
*** 165,179 ****

      bcopy((char *)p,(char *)big_cksum,sizeof(big_cksum));
!     if (swap_bytes) {
!       u_long *swapptr;
!       int i;
!       for (i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
!           swapptr = (u_long *)(big_cksum) + i;
!           swap_u_long(*swapptr);
!       }
!     }

      bzero(calc_cksum, sizeof(calc_cksum));
--- 165,171 ----

      bcopy((char *)p,(char *)big_cksum,sizeof(big_cksum));
!     if (swap_bytes) swap_u_16(big_cksum);

      bzero(calc_cksum, sizeof(calc_cksum));

Private messages don't seem to suffer from the same problem... actually, if
you look at rd_priv.c from patchlevel 9, you'll see that the checksum-checking
clause has been #ifdef'd out... sigh.

-Shawn Mamros


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