KRB5 Full Release & krb5 Enc telnet

KRB5 Full Release & krb5 Enc telnet

Post by Jared Mau » Wed, 21 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I've been running a KRB5b5 Network for quite a bit, and am looking for a
few nice tools... ;-)

1) A full release of KRB5b5.
2) A krb5 encrypted telnet, I've grabbed the telnet.95.10.23.NE.tar.Z
   program, but can not get it to work properly.

Can anyone point me to some references that might help me debug this?

According to my notes, mit krb5 full release should have been out quite
awhile ago.  ;-)


        - jared


1. New cygwin patches for krb5-1.3-alpha2 and krb5-current (snapshot)

I have both clients and servers working. tested on Win2K.  This patch
applies cleanly to both krb5-current and krb5-1.3-alpha2.

    -- Chris

3K Download


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