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>5)   RSA  is  patented in the USA (except for the Government and
>     MIT?).

>     Interestingly,  this  patent apparently only applies WITHIN
>     the USA, and use is free in the rest of the world.  RSA Inc
>     still hopes to sell related computer programs  outside  the
>     USA,  but it is not clear to me how this would avoid export
>     embargoes mentioned in the next point.

>6)   There   are  problems  with  exporting  certain  encryption
>     "devices" from the USA.   The  situation  is  complex,  but
>     apparently  applies  to kerberos either with or without DES
>     modules.  Does this apply to software produced by RSA  Inc,
>     and  if  not,  why not?  (Yes, maybe I should read Alice in
>     Wonderland with my daughter over Christmas!)

>     Re-implementing  the  kerberos  protocol  may  not  be  too
>     difficult for us foreigners - we are already  knee-deep  in
>     DES implementations :-)

RSA stands for Rivest Shamir Adelman.  Shamir was at MIT on sabbatical
from Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.  I would find it hard
to believe that the USA could put export regulations on the 1/3 of
RSA that was designed by a non-USA citizen.

Hank Nussbacher


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