KTelnet -- multiple authentication option negotiation?

KTelnet -- multiple authentication option negotiation?

Post by Michael S. Greenbe » Wed, 30 Sep 1992 05:30:12

Here is a question:

        Once a telnet client has successfully authenticated itself to
a telnet server via kerberos can / will the server request
authentication option negotiation again at any time during the
session?  The RFC draft we are working from is not specific on this

        Thanks in advance for any light you may shed,


1. Server refused to negotiation authentication

Okay, why am I getting this error? I'm just trying to test the kerberos
authenicated telnet. I've also listed the output from klist.

client:(/mnt/share/bin/krb5) telnet -x -f -a kdc
Trying xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx...
Connected to kdc.ns.gatech.edu.
Escape character is '^]'.
Server refused to negotiation authentication, which is required
for encryption.  Good bye.
client:(/mnt/share/bin/krb5) klist
Ticket cache: /tmp/krb5cc_7688

Valid starting      Expires             Service principal


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