new user, version 4 compile on a Sun Sparc, Sunos 4.1.1

new user, version 4 compile on a Sun Sparc, Sunos 4.1.1

Post by David A. Rage » Sun, 22 Nov 1992 03:21:28

I have been struggling for about a week now, trying to get kerberos to
compile on a sun sparc, running sunos 4.1.1.  With minimal flags set, and
I get an error everytime in trying to compile kadmin.  There error comes
from not having subroutines defined in the linker.  The following error
is displayed:

cc -O -I.././include -I../util/ss -DBSD42 -DKERBEROS -DVFS  -DNOENCRYPTION -DNDBM   -target sun4 -c  kadmin.c
.././util/ss/make_commands kadmin_cmds.ct
cc -O -I.././include -I../util/ss -DBSD42 -DKERBEROS -DVFS  -DNOENCRYPTION -DNDBM  -o kadmin kadmin.o kadmin_cmds.o .././util/ss/libss.a .././util/et/libcom_err.a .././lib/kadm/libkadm.a .././lib/krb/libkrb.a
ld: kadmin_cmds.o: no namelist
*** Error code 4

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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1. new changes to contour under IDL Version 3.1.1 (sunos sparc)

 Despite IDL's newsletter bragging about saving someone marriage by changing
the CONTOUR routine (sic, see IDL's newsletter "spring 1993"), I get very
frustrated by the new version.

  1) the userlib function MIN_CURVE_SURF is NOT equivalent to the keyword
/spline: indeed, MIN_CURVE_SURF() takes forever to process any medium size
array (ie a 40x20), while /splines will work fine, and. Adding a new userlib
function is improvement, but dropping a usefull keyword definitively isn't.

  2) the /fill option is broken when trying to fill only 1 level, why so?:

IDL> lvls=[.05,.1,.2,.5,.7,9]
IDL> contour, zz, levels =lvls,  xx, yy, /xsty, /ysty
IDL> contour, zz, levels =[0.5], xx, yy, /xsty, /ysty, /fill, /overplot
% Program caused arithmetic error: Integer divide by 0
% Detected at $MAIN$ (CONTOUR).

 This sound to me like a bug (not a feature:).

  3) why add the /dowhill keyword and not fix the contour labeling as to be
oriented in such a way as to indicates the downhill direction?

 BTW, the hints in notes/sun_motif.doc to get rid of the "harmless, but
anoying" warning about osf keysyms when using the Sun-Motif 3.1.1 executable
are not working. I'm running MIT's X11r4, twm, and have OPENWINHOME defined.
Note that OPENWINHOME is NOT /usr/openwin on our machines!


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