Solaris 8 & login vulnerability CERT 2001-34

Solaris 8 & login vulnerability CERT 2001-34

Post by Jim Shumpe » Sat, 15 Dec 2001 01:19:24

With all the noise the last 2 days regarding
this login vulnerability, can anyone confirm
my research:

On Solaris 8, Kerberos 5 does not use the
Solaris internal login program, rather it's
own (login.krb5). Systems that ONLY have
Kerberized rlogin/rsh turned on are not
vulnerable to this latest advisory.

Thanks in advance! -jim

James J. Shumpert
WorldCom, Inc.


1. W2K nonPNP driver programmed installation && select resource profile (Error 34)

The problem:
-my own non PNP W2K driver
-no problems while installing the driver manual with /system/install
new hardware..., using the .inf file. Because the PNP-Manager couldn't
detect the Resource settings, I get the hint to set the resources
manual. Do this + reboot, all works fine.

Using UpdateDriverForPlugAndPlayDevices() in my new install program I
get the error:
Device install function: DIF_INSTALLDEVICE.
Doing full install of ROOT\RTCCLASS\0000.
An unsigned or incorrectly signed driver (c:\temp\rtcnt.inf) was
installed for EOS GmbH rtc driver. Error 0xe000022f: The third-party
INF does not contain digital signature information.
Device required reboot: Device has problem: 34.
Device install finished successfully (ROOT\RTCCLASS\0000)."

This error 34 ("Windows cannot determine the settings for this device.
...")is printed out also in the driver properties page and can be
fixed manual, when I set the resource profile manual + reboot.

But how can I do the same automatical in the install program without
user interaction??


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