Urgent : Can I override #! defn. through any command line option??

Urgent : Can I override #! defn. through any command line option??

Post by T.S. Ravi Shank » Thu, 05 Jun 2003 19:13:46

Hi David ...

That answers all my questions !!!

Thank you very much,

Quote:> Hi Ravi,

> The first line "#!...." tells the program how te read the executable.
> F.e. if you would change it into "#!/bin/ksh" it means your (perl) script will be executed using ksh. Therefor you will get errors from the korn-shell as it's a different language.

> The meaning of this is that whenever users have f.e a born-shell (in the passwd-file) and you have written a korn-shell scipt you can explicitly always use a korn-shell to execute the program.
> So in that case you can also tell him to use a different version of perl, just lead him to the correct location.

> Hope this clarifies the meaning of the first line for you.

> Regs David
> --------

> > But the command line "/blah/blah/local/bin/perl" doesn't seem to override any
> > #! definition.

> > I tried some dirty definitions like #! /bin/opt,   #!  /opt/bin/opt  etc  & it
> > didn't work and I was shown :

> > Can't exec /opt/bin/opt at diamond.pl line 1.

> > Why ??
> > Thanks again,
> > Ravi

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