problems adding a web folder using XP pro

problems adding a web folder using XP pro

Post by Jon - Cafesociety.or » Mon, 20 May 2002 12:14:50

i am trying to create web folders for my portal server sites and i keep
getting denied access when trying to create a network drive,
even though im using the correct login details.
this is only happening on my laptop using xp pro.
the machine next to me is allowing access fine on a windows 2000 pro OS.

any suggestions wouyld ne greatly appreciated,



1. XP Pro Client Add Problems Continue

I apologize in advance if I should have appended this to
the previous thread.  Let me know if that is proper
etiquette.  Thanks to all of you for your input earlier,
but the problem still remains.

SBS 2000 server with 5 workstations, 3 are XP Pro.  2 XP
Pro clients joined flawlessly.  One client will not join
the network.  I am not using the "magic" disk.  I have
tried everything but throwing it out the window.

All checks with ipconfig, release, renew, etc. give me the
proper assigned addresses from the server, except DNS
suffix.  When DNS suffix is locked in at client, still no
result.  Ping back and forth both name and IP address.  
When IP address set as static, no result.  The computer
simply will not join.  Have reinstalled OS TWICE (ask
Dell, I don't know!?!)  Still nothing.  Any more
recommendations.  Thanks,

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