Display Document Properties in Document Library Dashboard

Display Document Properties in Document Library Dashboard

Post by Nicole Mercuri » Thu, 26 Sep 2002 02:25:40

I am trying to display custom properties on the document
library dashboard so the user does not need to roll off to
the show actions page to see specific properties.

I have managed to update the XML to reference the
properties and show labels for those properties.
Does anyone know what I need to do to return these
properties to the document library so these XML references
will have data?

Thanks for you help.


1. Limit Documents Displayed in Document Library

I'm just wondering is there anyone out there who knows how
to limit the number of documents being displayed on the
document library?  

When my users need to submit a document, they have to
navigate to the folder
from the dashboad site.  But the documents for the
required folder will all
be displayed.  It takes a long time to load the page when
the folder is very
large.  I do not need my users to view all the documents
inside the folder
before submitting their own content.  I just need them to
navigate the
folders and submit their document to their desired folder.

Is there a way to just have it show documents in groups of
20...with the ability to click next or previous?

Thanks in advance,

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